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We've had Dick do several projects for us and have been very pleased with them all.

1. He built our main house (completion 1996)
2. He built our guest house (completion 1999)
3. He has supervised “repair and remodel” projects for us over the summer when we are away.
4. We still call him whenever we have any questions as to what should be done and who should do it.

We really appreciate that when you call Dick Lloyd, you get Dick Lloyd. We highly recommend him.
Joe and Nancy Braucher
I have known Dick Lloyd and his brother Joe for over twenty years. Like many of their clients what I consider distinguishes Dick Lloyd Custom Homes from other high-end builders is that, as members, Dick and Joe have a persona, as well as professional attachment to Desert Mountain. Their clients become their friend’s so the relationship continues to grow long after your home is completed.

Dick Lloyd Custom Homes built our first home in Desert Mountain in 1992 and substantially renovated a second home in 2010. Both projects turned out beautifully, on time and on budget. During these projects and watching them build other homes over the years, Dick and Joe repeated demonstrated several qualities that contributed to the success of each project:

A rapport and involvement with the architect and Desert Mountain’s design and review committee during the critical planning phase, to ensure that the vision translates into a workable plan. An ability to engage and achieve value driven pricing from the area’s best subcontractors and trades so that the budget is detailed, transparent and all inclusive.

Attention to detail during construction so that questions surface and are resolved promptly without wasted time and expense.

Frequent and detailed communication regarding the status of the project, items requiring discussion and recommendations, thereby eliminating a natural anxiety associated with building a home in Arizona while we lived far away.

Dick and Joe have built over 350 homes in the valley, many of which are grander than our home. However, I always felt that our projects received their upmost attention. The sort of attention you expect from friends.
Craig Mckibben
Dick Lloyd is a great choice for building your new home. I highly recommend the Lloyds based on our personal experience building a new home in Desert Mountain, Scottsdale Arizona. After spending a year creating a home with our chosen architect that would be perfect for us, we chose Dick Lloyd Custom Homes as our builder. While being pleasant to work with, Dick is honest, meticulous, and continues to respond to our needs even though we’ve been in our home over 4 years. He also came in on budget except for the items we changed along the way!

While pleased with the final result, we experienced an added bonus when a friend, who is also a builder in Idaho, visited us. Our friend enjoyed doing a major inspection of our new home and responded, “This is among the best-built homes I’ve seen!”

Professional photos of our home can be viewed on Dick Lloyd’s website, and we’re happy to allow him to show our home as an example of his work.

Sondra & George Juetten
We interviewed multiple builders for our retirement dream home and chose Dick Lloyd Custom Homes because of their commitment to building our custom home as it was their own. They were fully engaged from the start and interacted closely with our architect and designer, as well as the design and review committee at our HOA. During construction anytime there was something that needed attention, they made suggestions that ultimately led to a better finished product, and we are forever grateful for their attention to detail. Because they only do a few select projects at a time, they are able to devote themselves to the work at hand, unlike others who are frantically working on multiple build jobs at a time with overlapping deadlines.

On another note, Dick Lloyd Custom Homes has been phenomenal on follow up, taking care of us, assisting us on addressing any issue even 8 years after completion. What’s more, we have become friends with Dick and Joe, and continue to value our relationship.

If we were to build again, we wouldn’t need to interview anybody else, as our choice would be Dick Lloyd Custom homes in a heartbeat.
Cliff and Diana Cokingtin
Great Builders! Very passionate about the quality of their construction, the buyer’s input, the talented team of professionals they consistently use, and the community they build in. We were sorry to see our close building relationship come to an end. We now look forward to just being good friends!
Craig and Marilee Eerkes
Erin and I had a very positive experience working with Dick Lloyd Custom Homes. We are proud of our new home and the quality of the craftmanship that went into it. That is a credit to Dick and his contractors that accepted nothing less perfect.

He was always great at communicating with both of us and was always available to discuss issues as they came up. He was attentive to any follow up needs at the house. Erin and I would not hesitate in giving a strong recommend to anyone thinking of building a high-end custom home. He is top tier builder!
Brian and Erin
When my wife, Emily, and I set out to build our dream home in Scottsdale we were already aware of the reputation that Dick Lloyd Homes had on the Mountain.

After speaking to Dick and Joe about our project and hearing their thoughts on how best to accomplish the desired product, it was obvious we had found the right team to work with in Desert Mountain. Their attention to detail and quality at every turn of the construction process is unparalleled.  

Being out of state, in Oklahoma, it was a potentially stressful process in how to handle all the questions and issues that could come up during construction.  What we found was that Dick and Joe were able to coordinate directly with our architect and their group of subs, making the process seamless and with far fewer questions than we anticipated. They have an incredible relationship with the design committee of Desert Mountain which eliminated a lot of issues before they arose. 

They also introduced us to an amazing interior designer who held our hand and transformed the amazing structure into a place that felt like home.  Dick Lloyd Homes understands their customers, anticipates their needs and delivers an exceptional home that is better than we could have dreamed.  In addition to being the gold standard of builders, they also have become great friends to us, we look forward to seeing them each time we are visiting Arizona. 

They are happy to take a phone call and answer any question we may have, even now, long after the home was completed. They stand behind their work and product like no other builder I’ve worked with in the past. 

The end result is a home that wows any guest we entertain and makes us smile each time we step through the door.  From start to finish our experience with Dick Lloyd Homes was excellent.  We highly recommend Dick Lloyd Homes to anyone considering building in the Scottsdale area.
Kurt and Emily
A rare and wonderful thing to find a builder who is vested in helping you build your dream home! We were lucky to find that quality in Dick Lloyd Custom Homes.

Dick and Joe are great contractors who have cultivated a family of artistic craftsmen and superior subcontractors. They delivered an amazing product.

They continue to provide follow up services long after our house was completed.

We are grateful  and honored to own a Dick Lloyd  Custom Home.

Thank you Joe and Dick!
Carolyn and David
General Contractors

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